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Welcome to chcoclate-candy-lovers.blogspot.com
Thursday, April 29, 2010Y

Hi people~
It's been such a long long long time since i've updated this blog.
Weell, I've been busy and i can't come online most of the time. Haven't been online for like.. about a week?

So now i'm in the mac lab because i have to help Sore and Jan out on their Biology project.. As a cavemangirl. =,= i promised to help them one random day when i was being super random, and it became my fate.T.T

Being addicted to the K-wave now~ I got so used to listening to the korean songs JJ played in class till i felt weird if i didn't hear them when i was studying. SADDED. I've gt people owing me lots of sweets and lollipops and i cam't wait to get them! WEE~~

Pause . Someone random has something to say..

Carrie owes me manymanymany things too! ;x for more than a month D: andandand~ YAY FOR KPOP =D <3 (Jan being random!!! XDXD) It's the invasion ;D !

GRR. fine then i shall just accept my fate~

Love ya all lots!
Carrie XD

ends at 11:06 PM

Sunday, March 28, 2010Y
HEYYYYYY (i have no more new titles..)

Hi people who are reading this..
I'm supaaarrr (hmmmm.) right now. Dont have a word to describe my feelings.
i wanted to say that, haizz. I'm getting old.


I found them on my lime plant in the balcony! They were crawling slowly, so i got my Dad to cut the branches and.. WAALAA!! I got them in a container~ Adorable is soooo the right word. No one seems interested in insects anymore, cute creatures~ Well, I just have to say that they defacate alot.. The container is filled with feaces.. Fomr the caterpillar. But i'm curious. Where's the caterpillar's asshole..? It looks like it's a sealed worm, with the only opening from it the mouth... But whatever, as long its cute, i can forego any flaws. XD
If anyone's interested, leave a comment and i'll bring them cuties to school one day~ (so we can scare miss tan and some female teachers again :DD)

This makes me remember how sore yee forced me to abandon my cute spider... . T,T .. It was so sad.. Sore said if i love something (the spider) then i have to let it go. But its a spider!!! In the end i left the spider at the bamboo plant. Sigh~ AND AND AND it was cute!!

See ya guys~
Carrie was here :D

ends at 3:57 PM

Thursday, March 4, 2010Y
EL online work. :/

hi, just posting up the EL work.
the video is currently not with me now, so i cant really do anything but to post up the non-videos.
i did the 2nd question first because it seemed much more easier. hooray.

*The 2nd question*
Sometimes you just get on my nerves,
And make me hate you the most on earth.

Scolding and shrieking like some little child,
ignorant of my feelings, so what huh?

As if i ever care,
how many flies are in the air,

as if i want to know,
what your little tiny heart of cold,
is thinking about when you open your mouth.

nice word, mean words, they're all the same,
as long they all come from the same name.

although i always swear and curse,
i always know that it's always worse,

by keeping all those bad feelings to myself,
when i could ask you like a book on a shelf.

so when i finally come and ask,
you sit there like you're on task.

like you'll know that i'll come running,
home for your advice on retreating.

so what's the point of shouting and screaming,
when i know you'll always be winning,

whatever you say,
is a prediction of my dismay,

at last i think that i should just stay,
and listen to what you have to say.

ends at 6:50 AM

Sunday, February 28, 2010Y

i'm posting the EL video recording thing up now.
OHHHKAY! I know it's going to be extremely weird, but ARGHHHH!!!!
Just have a LOOK SEE SEE. Kays? (Bwuahahahaha) XP
Miss Malevolent ~ CHUU X3

ends at 11:04 PM


It's the last day of chinese new year today~! and so soon i'm already misisng the pineapple tarts, the biscuits, the soft drinks, the food, and the SO SO SO DELICIOUS SWEETIIIESSS AND CHOCOLATES!!!
Chinese new year is also the time when my pet rabbit passed away 2 years ago. :( i always feel that i should have taken better care of her.. SOOOO much better!!
Hmm, maybe the thing of me being evil's being taken a little to far? I've somehow became an evil queen and sorts? I'm not sure.. Am i really that evil? :( (i know when i ask this someone is bound to say "YES YES YES!" or something like "OF COURSE" or maybe even, "DUHHHH!" )

Sigh, this is my destiny then.
The line of fate can stretch and contract, but who know when it will?

Miss confused and a little :(

ends at 4:36 AM

Wednesday, February 24, 2010Y

Greetings everyone~!
This afternoon, the period from 1430 to 1600 hours was so scary.
It was certainly the most nerve-wrecking, on-the-spot, strenuous interview i've ever done!
All of us didn't prepare of sorts as it was an impromtu thing..
I hope i did good.
Hmm.. At that point of time, my heart was beating like my chest was going to explode!! OMG! It's like vigourously thumping, HITTING and SMASHING against the insides of my ribs~!!!!! I thought i was going to die~~!!!! It's been a long time since i felt this kind of excitement and nervousness..
But it was worthwhile. Hehe.

OHHHKAY. I have to get started on my composition now~~
Love ya people~!!
miss malevolent X3

ends at 5:01 AM

Monday, February 22, 2010Y

I got the blog done up for the El thing~
YEAH!! I love my blogspt address. It's so me~~ YAY~~

Hmm.. I thought i should put.. the devil's girlfriend~ HAHA\
Kiddiing~~ dont be so uptight ya?
Yupps. so yeah.

I believe i don't need to introduce myself because all of you guys know me sooo well.
BUT since it's the first post, here:
1st fact about Carrie -> Made of pure evil and made in Hell.
2nd fact about Carrie -> Likes anything that's related to ANIME or CHOCOLATE or CANDIIES.

ok. thats enough. next post is about the HOMEWORK.~

love ya all~~
miss malevolent. raw~

ends at 2:01 AM